2019 ITF King’s Guam World Tennis Tour

The 2019 King’s Guam World Tennis Tour is set to start with Qualifying Matches on Monday, June 3rd, followed by the Main Draw Competition on Tuesday, June 4th.

Guam Representatives Mason Caldwell & Camden Camacho will be competing in this tournament as well along with internationally world ranked players such as top seeded and ITF Ranked #133 Jordi Samper-Montana from Spain and returning top seeded players Hiroyasu Ehara and Kento Takeuchi from Japan.

The 17 countries that will be participating are Guam, Spain, Japan, France, India, Sweden, Thailand, Australia, USA, Netherlands, Philippines, Great Britain, Korea, Belguin, Taipei, Saudi Arabia and Slovakia.

Come down to the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa to watch, show support and give a warm Hafa Adai to all our players and visiting participants throughout the weekend and the following week!