The present Guam National Tennis Federation’s (GNTF) roots go back to 1972 when it was first chartered as the Guam Tennis Club. The first Constitution was written for the Guam Tennis Club with about ten charter members, and led by the late Joe Paulino, its first President. By 1974, the Guam Tennis Club applied for affiliation with the International Lawn Tennis Association and the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

By 1986, the Guam Tennis Club was renamed Tennis Association of Guam (TAG) with the affiliation of International Tennis Federation under the leadership of President Helga Hosie.

To guarantee assurance that the Tennis Association of Guam is the governing body of tennis in Guam, the association was renamed the Guam National Tennis Federation in 1994 under the guidance of President Rick Ninete. As the governing body, GNTF makes the final decision on the membership of the state teams for the South Pacific Games, Mini Games, Micro Games, North Pacific Jr. qualifier, and any other national and international representation for Guam. Currently, the GNTF has secured membership with the Guam National Olympic Committee, Oceania Tennis Federation (OTF), and continues its strong ties with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the United States Tennis Association.

The Guam National Tennis Federation has provided its members with classic tournaments, junior tournaments, tennis camps, tennis team leagues, and have enjoyed visits from tennis greats such as Tracy Austin and Ai Sugiyama along with ITF master professionals like Rob Casey and Lency Tenai.

GNTF has developed this website as a source of information to help spread the word and promote the sport of tennis in Guam and the Pacific throughout the globe. To get up-to-date information and news about the Guam National Tennis Federation, tennis tournaments, Guam tennis player rankings, and tennis news in Guam and the Pacific please keep coming back to visit this website.

Mission Statement

The GNTF promotes the sport of tennis to all individuals, teaching tennis to persons of all ages. GNTF encourages all to play tennis as a way to be healthy and physically fit for a long and active life. GNTF develops proactive athletes to enhance their skills and compete, representing Guam in regional and international events.