Davis Cup Captain Position

Position Title Davis Cup Captain
Occupant Vacant
Position Reporting to GNTF Board
Employment Status Fixed Term Contract- 2 year
Location Travel in Asia/Oceania Regional for Annual Davis Cup
Date January 2018

Summary Job Description

The position is responsible for the development, selection and management of the GNTF Davis Cup Team to improve their performance at Davis Cup level. The core function will be providing fitness and other guidance in the months leading up to Davis Cup Competition. Then during the event to provide coaching in an environment where the players can fully develop their potential and to place the Davis Cup Team in a winning position.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage and coach the Davis Cup Team (Players) at any Tie held throughout the year. In 2018 there will be only 1 Tie, so period abroad would be approximately 7-10 days
  • Assist select the team and make recommendations to the GNTF Board
  • Support the Davis Cup players throughout the year and maintain communication between Ties
  • Team Preparation, training and motivation for Davis Cup Ties.
  • Some Davis Cup related media and PR requirements
  • Represent GNTF at ITF Davis Cup Meetings preceding Ties
  • Develop a yearly Davis Cup Plan including goals for the team and individual players
  • Submit a report within 14 days of any Tie outlining the team performance and progress

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attributes

  • High Performance Coaching Qualification-preferred
  • High level tennis playing and coaching experience-essential
  • Proven knowledge of technique and on court decision making strategies
  • Ability to manage, evaluate and relate to personnel and players
  • Ability to motivate and use personal relationships to gain the expected level of performance from each player
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and relate well with others on the job; to have self belief and the ability to develop self belief in others
  • Excellent public speaking, communication, ambassadorial/media skills
  • Commitment to maintaining high levels of personal fitness
  • Flexibility in regard to availability for Davis Cup Event week.
  • Must meet Guam Davis Cup eligibility requirements.

Contract Fee

There is no contract fee but air travel, accommodation, visas, meals etc is covered. There will be a requirement to ensure that all receipts are retained for subsequent reimbursement of any out-of-pocket expenses