Guam National Tennis Center

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Request for Proposal: Facility Management & Private/National Coach

Guam National Tennis Federation (GNTF) seeks a proposal to manage their newly built National Tennis Center. GNTF has broken ground on a new 6 court (+4 36’ courts) facility and looking for an energetic Facility Manager /Tennis Coach to grow the facilities and to its potential.

Guam is a developing tennis nation with a growing population of tennis player young and old. The tennis center will be and amazing opportunity for growth of the sport. Guam looks forward to improving all aspects for the development pyramid from under 10 players to improving on the 1st Davis Cup tie in Asia Oceania Group IV in 2018.

The role is based on the tropical island of Guam in the North Pacific.

The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to help build the facility’s membership & the National Program literally from the ground up.

GNTF is an affiliate member of the USTA in the Hawaii Pacific section. The position has the support of the ITF, Oceania Tennis Federation and will involve close working association with these tennis bodies.

The successful candidate’s proposal will include a plan for managing the facility with a modest staff and establish a tennis business teaching private lessons and national programs.

A detailed job specification is attached.

Please send any questions clarifications, proposal or letter of interest to Torgun Smith, GNTF President No later than May 31, 2019.

Job description: Center Director

  • TITLE: DIRECTOR, Guam National Tennis Center
  • RESPONSIBLE TO: BOD, Guam National Tennis Federation
  • WORKING WITH: Guam National Tennis Federation- Admin Staff at the National Center

Summary Job Description

  • Directly responsible for all areas of the running of the center.
  • Establish and maintain reservation system, on line system preferred.
  • Establish a system for pay for play.
  • Prepare and keep accurate accounts.
  • Oversee the membership and business of the facility.
  • Teach private lessons and programs for all ages.
  • Oversee maintenance the upkeep of the NTC.
  • Develop the plan for use of the courts.
  • Develop and implement a programs for club members and national players.
  • Responsible for the day to day operations of the center.
  • Ensure health and safety is to the highest standard both on and off the courts.
  • Day to day management of the center.
  • Organise and host social events.
  • Other duties as needed

Center Director Profile

Profile of Centre Director includes:

  • Must be able to work in the United States
  • Experience working in membership environment
  • Experience working with budgets and keeping accurate accounts.
  • Good management and communication skills.
  • Fully qualified tennis coach, certification required.
  • Familiar with working and developing players.
  • Good playing background is a plus.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Computer literate and capable of preparing reports.
  • Have experience of the Pacific region and peoples of the Pacific.
  • Hard working and committed to the tennis and development of the center.
  • Participates in: Anti-Doping prevention actions and undertakes to facilitate preventive controls / actions against corruption and the dangers of sports betting / prevention actions against sexual violence and abuse of authority.