Junior Eligibility

A junior tennis player who is in good standing with the Guam National Tennis Federation shall be eligible to represent Guam as a player in a flag event under the International Tennis Federation if he/she:
(a) has not previously represented any other nation; and (b) holds a current valid US passport; and
(i) was born in Guam; or
(ii) if NOT born in Guam, player shall be required to establish residency in Guam for a period of two (2) years to become eligible. The permanent residence of juniors shall be the primary residence of their parents. Parents of junior players must have filed personal income tax returns in Guam for the two year period immediately preceding the flag event and have resided in Guam for nine months per calendar year. Guam residency must continue to be maintained for the junior player to continue to be eligible.

These requirements ensure players and the GNTF comply with the International Tennis Federation’s eligibility rules for players to represent a nation. This also establishes a pathway toward compliance with the Guam National Olympic Committee’s residency requirements for players representing Guam in the Micronesian Games, the Mini-Games and the Pacific Games.

Players coming from a different region within the Pacific shall be eligible to play NPRC after one year of enrollment in school. This will comply with OTF’s rule and shall apply to the following:
(a) A player that is schooling in the nation that they wish to represent with a passport from a different Pacific Oceania nation.
(b) A player that has the passport of the nation that nominated them but the player wasn’t born there and is currently living and schooling in the nominating nation.

(This rule is specific to CI with NZ passports, Tahiti and Vanuatu with French Passports, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands and American Samoa with US Passports)

If this is the case then the OTF would need a confirmation of current and ongoing enrollment from a school in the nominating nation to support the players entry into the event.