Help support us build the first ever, world-class tennis courts on Guam

The Guam National Tennis Federation (GNTF) wishes you all happy holidays! GNTF appreciates our members and is excited to share our common passion of the sport of tennis. As we wrap up 2017, we are reaching out to you to help us ACE the building of the Guam National Tennis Center (GNTC)!

GNTF has construction plans ready & financing in place and is looking forward to breaking ground on constructing the GNTC in January 2018. We still hope to raise an additional $300,000 to offset the burden of financing, keep operating costs down, provide affordable rates, and of course ensure that all international standards are met, possibly with 2 covered courts.

The Demand

The GNTC will provide accessibility and affordability of tennis for juniors and adults. We anticipate hundreds of local residents will access the (GNTC) in the first year with our affordable rates. Ages four to 12-years-old will be ALWAYS FREE on four 36’ courts. Over the last two years, GNTF has introduced 100s of students to tennis in over 10 schools, with a more to come. The GNTC will also provide, the ability to host world-class tournaments, a place for our tennis community to hold events, training national players, and games for juniors.

Phase 1

The GNTC will be a world-class facility consisting of six tennis courts plus four, 36’ courts dedicated for U12 junior development, court lighting, on court shade, parking lot, locker rooms, an office, and a storage building. If we raise enough funds, we will also include covered courts!

Your Benefit

To do this, we are reaching out to YOU – our fellow GNTF members who understand the life-changing impact that tennis has on communities! We are offering the opportunity to Help ACE this GNTC project!

  • $100+ Name on the foundation wall of the GNTC
  • $1,000+ Name on the foundation wall of the GNTC and One Year Membership to the GNTC (membership is at $350 per year)
  • >$1,000 additional benefits

Every donation is tax-deductible. Please provide your tax-deductible gift of by December 31st, 2017

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Take a behind-the-scenes look at what the Guam National Tennis Federation is doing to build the first ever, world-class tennis courts on Guam as well.

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President of GNTF Torgun Smith, on behalf of the GNTF board