President’s 01/04/2016 Letter to Members- 4 Year Terms


January 4, 2016


Hafa Adai GNTF Members:

Happy New Year everyone!!

Reminder GNTF board voting has opened online at, we already have several member who have voted, thank you. Voting will close on Friday January 8 2016. Please take the time to vote for the new board to take office after the 2016 Chamorro Open or April 1 2016 whichever is later.

If you have trouble accessing internet to vote please contact me 687-5483 or any board member at and we will help arrange an opportunity for you to vote before Friday.

I received an email from Rick Blas of GNOC on Sunday night January 27, 2015. GNOC had some concerns about the terms of our board. Apparently GNOC had been under the impression GNTF had board terms of 4 years since the majority of GNOC federations approved and mandated for all National Sports Federations to have 4 year terms, since 1995, yes 1995 20 years ago.

Our current board had a special board meeting on January 1, 2016 to discuss the 4 year term as mandated by GNOC. The board agreed we would amend the bylaws to reflect elections will be for a 4 year term. The board also resolved any vacant spot on the board during a term can be filled with next highest vote getter from the election, if they all decline any board member may nominate a new board member and with approval of the majority of the board they will be named to the board.

Thanks again for taking time to vote in this week election. Again if you have any questions about the election please contact myself at 687-5483 or any board member at

GNTF is also in the process of putting a survey together to get input from members on how we can improve our service.

Torgun Smith