President’s 01/22/2016 Letter to Members- Election Results 2016


January 22, 2016

Hafa Adai GNTF Members:

Congratulations to all who had the courage to accept the nomination to the Guam National Tennis Federation board for the term 2016 – 2020. Thank you all for giving your commitment to help advance our sport.

Thank you to all members who took the time to voite on line for the board January 5th – 8th 2016.

The successful candidates are the following:

  • President – Torgun Smith
  • Vice President – Jeff Bristol
  • Treasurer – Frances Mantanona
  • Secretary – Duncan McCully

All above ran unopposed.

Board Members at Large (5 elected):

  1. Mae Hsieh
  2. Swami
  3. Kim Ewart
  4. Dale Kim
  5. Michelle Pang

Thanks to Margaret Terry, Linda Usita-Lee and Darryl Navarro for accepting the nomination for the board. I am sure we can count on you to assist the board from time to time as needed with your unique talents.


Torgun Smith