Rating Presentation

Rating policy – proposed by Michael Ray Pallares, discussed and adopted but GNTF board Oct 15, 2018.
Presented to members at Men’s league play Thursday Oct 18 and Ladies League play Sat Oct 20.

ITF recognized 3 ways to rate players Self rating, Independent verifiers/ITN on court assessment, Computer:

• Independent verifiers/On court assessment – GNTF does not and will NOT and does not rate player based on their ability to hit particular stroke ie player serves like a 4.0 or has the back hand of a 4.0 etc.
• Computers – Rating are based on RESULTS and DATA with complex algorithms – GNTF Data is currently insufficient to validate ratings
• Self-rating – what GTNF currently is doing

Going forward self-rating will be subject to official validation by GTNF using data.

GNTF sanctioned events will require player to have a validated rating.

How does a rating become validated:

• To attain a validated GNTF rating there is a requirement to play a minimum of 4 official matches in Tournament, leagues, or ladders. (probably after this policy the only way to build a valid a validation will be via the ladder)
• Any 2018 match will be considered current and can be used for validation.
• A committee will be appointed to review and validate player-ratings. If you are interested in participating on the committee please email board@gntf.org. Men’s league volunteers Craig, Jim, Bart, Alvin, Van
• Player must propose to have their 2018 match results count towards validation (if match had all 4 player the same level – ie 6.0 had 4 -3.0 playing 7.0 had 4 -3.5 playing 8.0 had 4- 4.0 playing 9.0 had 4 4.5 playing).
• Results and data will determine validation. If a player is competitive in matches with player of the same rating it is likely that rating will be validated. If the player is winning all matches and or dominating in his level that player may be moved up. If a player is consistently being beaten and not competitive in a particular rating that play may request to be moved down, GNTF will not move a player down based on result, demotion will only be considered only upon request.

GNTF and the committee may consider ALL official results for a player’s validated rating.

“Dominating” a rating division will not have a winning % set to the player data. This will be a committee decision.

Anyone can send proposed match results for validation at rating@gntf.org to have committee consider validation.

Combined matches with unbalance combination (9.0= 4.0/5.0) are not good data and WILL NOT used for validation of ratings.

Playing formats will be considered and weighted accordingly. Singles, doubles Best of 3 advantage sets, Pro sets, fast 4’s etc

GNTF will support events with mixed rating. If player want to organize a league like the past leagues GNTF will support it as we do the current leagues but players will know self-rating are not validated.

Eventually GNTF will have ranking with each rating. This may be a justification for seeding.