Request for Proposal Junior National Team Coach

The Guam National Tennis Federation has long recognized the need to bring the top junior players to train together as a national team. The GNTF Board has budgeted funds to supplement the costs of developing a Guam Junior National Team. The GNTF will ask the balance of the costs to be paid by the parents of the selected junior players.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to be the GNTF Junior National Coach, please consider in your bid the following criteria for the scope of work:

The team will consist of 6 groups of committed juniors: boys and girls under 12, 14, & 16. Each group will be up to 6 juniors, potentially a total of 36 juniors.

Each group will have a minimum of 2 practice sessions per week. The coach will schedule practice to optimize participation in each age and gender category.

The coach must have a dedicated facility.

The coach will provide training equipment.

The coach will work with GNTF to train committed juniors and recommend to the GNTF board qualified players for nomination/invitation or removal from the team.

The coach will train each team with the goal of success at the ITF North Pacific Regional Championship or other pathways that juniors may choose such as USTA events.

The coach will report monthly to the GNTF Board on the progress of program.

The coach agrees to travel with the team to the North Pacific Regional Championships (1 week in Saipan, 2016) and the Pacific Oceania
Championships (2 weeks in Fiji 2016). The GNTF will cover the coach’s cost of airfare and accommodations for these trips.

The coach agrees to work with the players’ individual private coaches and not solicit private lessons from national players that have existing coaches. This program is not meant to conflict with private coaches’ existing business.

If you have a proposal to be chosen for the Guam Junior National Coach position please submit your proposal to GNTF for evaluation by Friday, September 4, 2015. GNTF will evaluate proposals and make a selection at the September board meeting.

Click here to open/download the fillable PDF Form.  Please complete and submit by September 4, 2015