GNTF is seeking short term bridge financing

Dear fellow tennis players and friends,

The Guam National Tennis Center is currently undergoing construction, with a projected completion date of mid-September.

GNTF already has a $700,000 loan commitment from the Bank of Guam, but the closing has been delayed, and although it is just a matter of time until we obtain the loan, we would still need to cover construction expenditures in the interim.

We’ve received an offer for a personal bridge loan of $700,000, if needed, until the bank loan is closed, but in the interest of transparency, the GNTF board is seeking other proposals from an individual or group of individuals (minimum of $100,000 each) to provide this $700,000 bridge loan to GNTF, for up to 120 days and at a fixed interest rate.

If you are interested and would like to submit a proposal, or have questions, please email the board at

The deadline for submission is August 5, 2019. As always, thank you for your support!


GNTF Board